by Jennifer on April 24, 2016

Rising after a big failure is remarkable.  Putting feet on the floor and lifting yourself out of bed after experiencing a major loss of any sort – when it has been burnt to the ground – is not something to take lightly and needs to be applauded.

This is not the rising I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking about the rising that comes after the failures of which no one knows.  The challenges not completed the goals which never got off the ground, the ideas that take so much space in our heads but never even make it on to the paper.  The rising that occurs after the failures all the others in the world don’t know about and therefore don’t care, can result in two paths:  the same worn one or a new path.  The same path often has the same result as the previous attempts, and it is not one of success.  This is Path A, and it is sometimes difficult to leave.  The new path begins with the mindset of applied learning:  last time I attempted this goal, this is what I did, and now I’m going to try to accomplish it another way.   This is Path B.

These are not the risings of movies and storybooks, but they are the risings of a life well-lived.

Which path are you going to take today?

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