Robustness and Fragility

by Jennifer on April 25, 2016

Without robustness all relationships become defined by their fragility, wither and begin to die. David Whyte

Reading David Whyte’s essay on Robustness in his book, Consolations, I began to think of the choice between robustness and fragility.  Robustness is defined as, “the property of being strong and healthy in constitution.”  On the other hand, fragility is described as, “the quality of being easily broken or damaged.” Every choice we make either moves us towards robustness or towards fragility.  Of course, we are all going to have choices reflective of each; it will never be 100% robustness or 100% fragility.  A great goal would be to increase the ratio of robustness to fragility decisions over time. When you have a trauma background, it can seem impossible to tip the scale towards robustness.  However, with the help of a great therapist or coach, and patience, it can be done.

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