Unspeakable Conversations

by Jennifer on April 22, 2016

“’This wasn’t my first experience living under a regime of unspeakable subjects. I was well-practice. After my mother died, my father mandated that she not be mentioned, so by the time my conscious memory of childhood kicks in, I was already trained to short-circuit the flow between my thoughts and my voice…rendering my speech a kind of topiary, trimmed and trained and shaped to please.’” –  Robin Black, Crash Courses, quoting her novel, Life Drawing

I think a book could be written about the quote above, but I will keep it short.  With whom do you share your thoughts about unspeakable subjects? If you have someone, great; if you have two or three, even better.

On the other hand, if you have no one, perhaps you may want to consider hiring a therapist or coach, and start talking.  When my marriage was imploding and my life was falling apart (actually, it was falling together, but that is a blog post for a different day), I did not have anyone to share my thoughts regarding unspeakable subjects.  Yes, I had some people I was close with, but either some of my unspeakable thoughts were about them or they had divided loyalties.  So I hired out. It was hard to be open and vulnerable with people I didn’t know and was paying for loyalty, not to mention expensive, but it was the best step towards healing I could have taken.

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