Progressing through Failure

by Jennifer on May 1, 2016

I failed.  I was supposed to write for 30 days straight.  It was not a marketing ploy; the goal was to become comfortable with being uncomfortable about publishing my writing.  My coach made the suggestion as I hadn’t posted a blog post that wasn’t a quote in four years. And I failed.  However, it doesn’t feel like I failed.  First, I have published a bunch of writing in the last three weeks. Second, and most important, I’m writing this right now to either continue the original 30-day post challenge or to start a new challenge. In the past, I would not have come back this soon.  It may have taken me a week, a month, or a decade to think about picking up where I left off.  This is major progress.

How do you view failure? Do you view it as a stomp down or a stepping stone?

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