Intuitive and enthusiastic, Jennifer Armstrong is just the right medicine for someone with chronic pain, weight issues, or general malaise.  Jennifer will gently but pointedly teach you to calm both body and mind, so that all your relationships—at home, at work, and especially within your own body—can function at their optimum capacity. – Martha Beck

Jennifer has lasered right in on my negative thoughts and beliefs. She’s quick to notice an area where I’m stuck and together we dig deeper, helping me to uncover what’s really going on there. We’ve worked through some sticking points (thoughts and beliefs) that have long weighed me down and the result is that my energy has shifted and my old, nagging negative thoughts don’t hold the power they once did. Working with Jennifer truly has been transformative! – Margie Beiswanger, Fulfilled Life Design

I don’t think words can adequately express how grateful I am for the life coaching I’ve received from Armstrong Coaching.  Jennifer’s patient and knowledgeable coaching helped me through a time in my life where I felt stuck with absolutely no hope of moving forward in any significant way.  Now, only about eight months later, I’m steadily going for my dreams and reaching for my goals both short-term and long-term.  Jennifer’s passion to see me grow and improve my life has sparked something in me that I thought was long gone – hope for the future and pleasure in the journey! – P.J., California

I began talking to Jennifer, and through a series of initial exercises, she and I seemed to get to the same point my therapist and I had gotten in a year within four weeks (i.e., four one-hour sessions). Maybe the trail had already been blazed by my therapist, but I think it was more that the exercises were so targeted and Jennifer’s intuition so on-track with who I am and want to be that got us there….All in all, it’s been one of the best experiences I have had along my path of self growth, most evident by other people noticing how “strong” I am now, may I even venture to say “sure” of myself.-P.R., California

Jennifer was so perceptive in making me aware that it was my own thoughts that led to my pain, anxiety and fear. Using different methods of inquiry and mind-body tools, I was able after each session to apply what we had talked about and always felt immediate relief and a feeling of gratitude that I had someone like Jennifer to talk to.  She is an exceptionable coach. She is kind, compassionate, and I felt that I could truly open up to her. She taught me to let go of the pressure that I put on myself and would always encourage me. When I thought I was not making any progress, she would help me realize how much actual progress I had made and how far I’d come.  Jennifer, you are a blessing!-M.M., Florida